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Flora, fruits and vegetables processing factory, was founded back in 1978 and from the very beginning has been operating as an integral part of the company PIK Becej AD. In 2016, we have become part of the MK Group, which is one of the leading holding companies both in Serbia and the region.

By applying modern techniques and technology, in our factory 18,000 tons of vegetables are produced every year, which gives us the opportunity to offer to the market a wide range of finished products backed by proven quality and a history of over 40 years.

Flora products are made of natural raw materials, with natural spices, undergone physical preservation methods such as high temperature treatment, refrigeration and freezing, without added additives, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

The most significant export products are frozen peas, green beans and sweet corn, as well as sterilized peas and sweet corn. We export to the markets of EU countries, Russian Federation, Turkey, Middle East, South America, as well as to the markets of all republics of the former Yugoslavia.

Continuity in doing business, constant investment in production capacities, innovation but also reliability are the main factors that have influenced our company to increase the scope of cooperation with both existing and new partners every year.